David Frey had the pleasure of working with his family in the real estate development business for most of his adult life. Jack Frey Properties, a place where they worked together, helped their clients achieve their dream of homeownership, owning land in the country to raise a family or simply to enjoy their retirement.

Along the way he met his beautiful wife Joanna, had two wonderful sons, Travis and Tyler and decided to live in the community that Jack Frey Properties helped build. Along the way David worked in several different capacities. He began in construction then moved to Sales, Customer Service and Marketing but the position that he enjoyed the most was that of Special Events Coordinator.

He planned parties and events that helped the family business boost their sales. Eventually, following his dreams (and with some help) he cooked and served the delicious food at these events. In the beginning an attendance of 100 guests was considered a good turnout, in the end if they had less than 500 he was a bit disappointed.

When each event ended he couldn’t wait to begin planning the next. Everyone looked forward to the great food, fellowship with friends and neighbors and meeting new friends, so much so, that they couldn’t wait until the next one.